Free Consultation for Your Cervical Cancer Treatment in India
Posted on Oct 25, 2017
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Travcure Healthcare Consultants
Africa, Kenya
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Cervical cancer affecting a large number of women worldwide is a disease which is caused by formation of cancerous cells within the tissues of the cervix. Human papillomavirus (HPV) is considered to be a major risk factor causing cervical cancer. In most cases of cervical cancer, there are no early signs and symptoms which are detected but can however be diagnosed early with regular checkups. Signs and symptoms of cervical cancer when they appear include pelvic pain and vaginal bleeding. Other signs and symptoms of cervical cancer include unusual vaginal discharge and pain during sexual intercourse. Cervical cancer hysterectomy surgery is the primary treatment option for the disease. To Get Free Quotes & Consultation For Cervical Cancer Treatment in India Call Us: +234-1-440-6854 (Nigeria) +91-86000-44116 (India) +1-800-864-7351 (Toll free) Email Us: Website:
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